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Established in 2009, We’ll Let Your House prides itself on being a ‘letting agency with a difference’

The majority of lettings agencies in the UK charge a basic commission of between 9% and 15% of the monthly rent of a property to manage it. We found that most Landlords resent paying a percentage of the income from their investment to an agent for this service especially as the yield is already so low.

We’ll Let Your House provides a solution to this problem where Landlords no longer have to pay a commission to letting agents and still have their properties managed to a high standard. At We’ll Let Your House, we tailor our service to suit each individual Landlord; we ensure that each Landlord receives the rent which they require from their investment property and charge the tenant a monthly management fee.

We’ll Let Your House also boasts to be the lettings agency which offers a new level of customer service to the property sector. We found that the majority of lettings agencies only inspect properties once a year, do not offer a support service to tenants for essentials such as setting up utility services, telephone lines, gardening service etc. They also charge landlords for carrying out inventories and photographic schedules; this is something which is included within the free management package from We’ll Let Your House.

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