Awards prove to be a win-win for business

A strong profile and improved staff morale are two of the benefits for companies that are successful at industry awards, according to accountants Bulley Davey.

The impact of this year’s South Holland Business Awards on firms was studied by Holbeach and Spalding-based accountants who found that success can improve pride in the workplace and impress prospective clients.

Bulley Davey director Peter Wright said: “Even if you don’t win a trophy, it’s a great way for companies to take stock of what they have achieved and where they are heading next.

“It also helps to showcase your business to other professionals and can be a great morale booster for your workforce.”

The study found that firms entering business awards can see their profile rise through advertising the quality of service provided to existing customers and available to potential new clients.

Awards are also seen as motivational to a company’s workforce, reducing stafff turnover and making them proud of their place of work.

Harry Drury, director of Spalding firm We’ll Let Your House which was named South Holland Business of the Year in 2013, said: “Winning this award has given our firm a fantastic marketing opportunity to shout about how good we really are.

“The experience also provided me with a new understanding of how my business has grown over the past years and in what direction we are heading.

“The South Holland Business Awards is an opportunity to recognise you, your team and your business for the commitment being made to your customers and the local community.”