Announcing the 2015 Give a Gift Campaign

In association with Spalding Voice, Sainsbury’s, Beals Department Store and South Holland District Council, We’ll Let Your House are today launching the 2015 Give a Gift Campaign, which provides the opportunity for people in and around Spalding to donate Christmas presents to children who probably won’t get a Christmas present this year – due to either financial or social reasons.

Unfortunately, a lot of people in Spalding and the surrounding area just cannot afford such privileges this year, which is why we’re those whose who are more fortunate to please come forward – and give a gift at one of our drop points. You can donate at Spalding Voice, Sainsburys, We’ll Let Your House, Beals Department Store or South Holland District Council Reception.

To those who may need some support at this time of year, please get in touch with one of the organising partners of visit and leave your details. There is no shame in asking for a little help for your children this Christmas.

The Gift a Gift Campaign launches in Spalding Voice